Monday, August 4, 2008

I think I am about to do something foolish...

I am needing to build my wedding portfolio and I need a high-end bride! Soooo...I am coming to you loyal blog viewers for an opportunity!

Here is what I am offering. I need to do a complete matching wedding assemble using high-end materials. When I say assemble I mean everything from the Save the Date to the wedding favors...pretty much anything that is printed or customized for the wedding...if there is something you want that I can't do I will let you know!

I am looking for a couple that is getting married in 2009 and without major budget constrains (don't contact me and expect to make 100 invitations on $50...that's not going to work) and who will give me design control. Of course the couple will have their choice of theme, colors, and they will approve all the designs BUT I don't need someone that is going to tell me exactly where I should put things or which font I HAVE to use. I understand if you don't like a design but if you think you can design it better then you can do it all respect :) I am sooooo trying to not sound like a snot as I write this but I feel like I may be coming off as one.

I also want permission to feature you on my blog as my feature couple and show my work. I would also want you to send me pictures from your wedding when it is done of my work being used and of you having a wonderful time of course!

Here is what I am offering...I will do the entire assemble AT COST! The only thing that I will charge that would be a profit for me is assembly charges if you don't want to assemble everything yourself. Now just because I am doing it at material cost does not mean they will be cheap. I will be using quality materials (pocketfolds are not cheap!). The invitation alone may end up costing between $3-5 each...but that is opposed to $7-10 each! That's a HUGE savings!

So! Here is what I need YOU to do! I need the couples that are interested to email me at with your names, your story, your theme, colors, and tell me why I should pick you as my feature couple!

I'm excited, I can't wait! So go ahead and email me!

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