Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Work of Art - Seating Chart!

What started out as just an idea on how to tackle the otherwise exhausting battle of where to seat your attendants came this idea of using a seating chart.

In just a few quick steps I was able to use the invitation along with the names of the guests, printed out on matte 20x20 paper, and fitted in a frame and placed on an easel for support. Simple as that!

The stand was placed at the front of the restaurant and as my guests arrived they got to see this gleaming picture of my son and then directed to their respective seats. Alas, done with the days of tent cards!

Then when it's all said and done you can put the matted frame over the writing and have the 8x10 picture still showing and this you can hang up as a momento of that special day.

What started from this invitation:

Came this wonderful Work of Art/Seating Chart:
The idea for the table centerpieces, well that's a whole other blog. Hope you enjoyed!

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Jen Harris said...

Great job! Welcome back Jodie!