Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Insipiration boards for Breakfast at Tiffany's

Classic Tiffany blue and white:
What more can a girl ask for? Just make sure you get the color right!

This style is perfect for sweet sixteens, bridal showers, birthday parties, mitzvahs and not just weddings! The beauty is in the details, that's why getting the color just right isn't an option but a must. Then you can turn your focus to more important aspects such as favors, desserts, and centerpieces. Below you get a taste for the mini cakes shaped in the traditional Tiffany box that make for a perfect dessert. The Tiffany box shaped candle is great for table decor; while the key chain is a perfect gift for the hostess. The diamond shaped paper weights are a usable and well suited favor and let's not forget the party girl behind the silver frame with sign that says emma & co ~ what a photo-op!

The many shades of Tiffany:
Adding shades of pink and gold add a touch of elegance.

Combining colors allows you to add dimension to the event. So now instead of a Tiffany theme you have a Tiffany inspired decadence for all things girlie. This is perfect for bridal showers & baby showers and best suited for breakfast brunches. Allowing for your theme to really come across as something special. My absolute favorite is the idea of stacking boxes in Tiffany blue as centerpieces.

The ultimate Breakfast at Tiffany's tribute:
A true black and white affair, and the invite will say just that!

This is perfect for engagements, birthday dinners, bachelorette parties, and a girls night out. If guests are staying over night I think the most special thing you can do is leave a Breakfast at Tiffany basket or bring it along as a hostess gift. Introducing the black and white damask puts an updated spin on this timeless affair.

Check out for more great ideas on favors, hang tags, and gift boxes. Make sure to take a look at the tiffany favor boxes, diamond paper weights, bottle stoppers, and key chains from her girl's night out collection. If interested Jen and I can help you plan your event from start to finish. Send us an email and we will be happy to source out every aspect, as well as, offer our discount if you purchase the Breakfast at Tiffany invitation ensemble.

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