Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Light up your child's world!

Nursery Lighting

I've been searching for the perfect light for my daughters room but in the spirit of being a girl do I want what is functional and practical or fun and whimsical. You betcha... Fun and whimsical! So now it's just deciding on how much I want to spend and what look I really want for her. Of course, I'm not gonna go over board she is 4 and I want it to reflect that of a toddler.

At first I was going to buy a simple white fan and paint it to match her watermelon accent wall. Then use some chandelier prisms and fun stickies and make this an inexpensive art project for the both of us. But, did I really want to inflict my need to keep busy with her ceiling fan. I'm already studding her jeans and making hair ties. I think she'll be running away sooner than I can imagine if I go there. I'll save this project for the boys - they won't hate me later for it! They probably wont realize there's even a ceiling fan in their room till they break it with one of their toys!

So I move on.... I'd like to keep the idea of a ceiling fan but also incorporate a chandelier to make it more girly. That is when I came across the most beautiful mother of all ceiling fans. One problem it's $360 and while there is nothing I wouldn't do for her -- except that is to spend $400 on a ceiling fan! She'll love me when she has clothes for the entire year. Plus I'm way more savvy then that! But here it is just in case my readers are more well off then myself or have the same appreciation for detail and all things chic!

So I keep shopping and browsing and it's now become my new obsession. I drop the idea of a ceiling fan and go for an all out crystal petite chandelier. I come across a store - - and it has by far the largest selection of nursery chandeliers. However, I just couldn't pull the trigger on any one of them so I kept on looking.

Taking my search on to the ever reliable Pottery Barn and just when I think I've found it -- the price is right, the look is right, but there is something missing! I'm not sure exactly what it is. I thought it was lacking individual style maybe a little too plain, a little too expected! But it is $99 and the shades come in green, purple, blue, and pink and the whole piece is on sale, too! Then a little bug in my head said if you were willing to search PB Teen then why not go to the other extreme... eBay!

There I found the perfect chandelier for my daughters room. It is elegant and girly yet bold and charismatic - just like my beautiful little girl. I'm placing the order this week and will take a picture when I have it hung in her room. I just can't decide she has such beautiful pieces! The merchant has over 900 positive feedbacks since 1998 so I think reputation will speak. The prices range from $169 to $269 and the styles are endless. Take a look. The name of the seller is silly bear lights and the store is:
Silly Bear Lighting Co

Now all I have to do is choose between one of her many lovely designs!


Jen Harris said...

These are all sooo cute! I'm really diggin this one myself... It's not overly girly and it would look great with a watermelon colored wall :)

Brandy said...

They are all way too cute to decide! I love the pink so cute! My daughter is a PINK fanatic and has always been all about pink since she was a baby. She is no 6 and still has not outgrown loving PINK. Let me know which one you decide on!

Denise said...

Wow, my "baby girl" is 12, and she would still love a light fixture like that! What a lucky girl your daughter is. I am a little curious about how they'll ship it safely to you... I would be scared to even touch something that looks like that!

bananaicecream said...

What cute lamps!! I really like the fan one.