Friday, January 16, 2009

lily Pulitzer puts her name to print

The queen of pink and green, Lily Pulitzer, introduces her new line of stationary and gifts this month at the New York Stationary Show. With over 50 years in the fashion industry and success in bedding and bath she has decided to put her exclusive patterns and designs to paper. For those of us who love Lily you can sign up here and be the first to know who will be selling her stationary. For those who aren't that big of fans you must at least acknowledge that this woman is a success in her own right.

She stands out from any other designer and isn't afraid to make bold choices and go beyond the realm of black and white. If Vera Wang can branch into the industry with wedding invitations, mattresses, bedding, flat wear, evening wear, wedding gowns, Simply Vera, etc.etc. I'm sure Lily will have no problem winning over the more easily pleased stationary critics. Of course, being a household name and having a mini empire under your belt wont hurt! However, I'm not sure if the Indy, less impressed, crowd will be pleased that another brand name has stepped on the scene with a big splash.

I do give her kudos for giving Lifeguard Press the rights to distribute and market her collection. They are a smaller company that cares about the design and not the fanfare of the designer. With that decision she has shown that sometimes you have to start out small if you want to leave a lasting mark! One thing I'm sure of is that her stationary will be anything but dull. I look forward to seeing her collection which should hit retail stores Spring of 2009.

Here is my new favorite mix of colors from her latest collection. Turquoise Blue and Red: who would have knew that it makes for such a bold yet refreshing statement. I think we'll be seeing a lot more designers turning to lily for inspiring prints such as this. I do hope they reflect on paper as well as they do on fabric. I think that would be her biggest challenge.

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AR said...

I want that dress sooooooooooo bad! It is to die for. (bottom pic)