Monday, March 9, 2009

Ever wonder how they do it!

'They' as in the successful people who are making it work. I do... I always wonder if it took hard work, determination, long hours? But sometimes I think OK? who's behind this! Then I do a little research and bam... a household name, a celebrity, a fiance of a celebrity, an heiress and sometimes a cousin of a cousin who was once famous are the faces behind the business. I'm not saying that these companies are anything less for having famous people on board, I'm just saying that sometimes money stands in the way of good talent and well if we all just had a little bit more of it we too can be just as, and if not more, successful than the companies featured here. I also did some research and found successful businesses that are grounded in hard work and good ol' fashion sweat and tears, too! Keep working hard and with a little luck and good timing you too can be the next best thing!

Big Brands even BIGGER names! - Andrew Shue from Melrose Place and a long time buddy founded a place for moms to be social and interactive. - Designer, Nicky Hilton has helpted put this handbag company on the forefront of the fashion scene. A little pricey but very fashionable!

Skye Hoppus (wife of Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 and Plus-44) started this maternity and clothing line from the back of the tour bus. They now offer maternity clothes, childrens clothing, decor, gifts, jewelry and much more. To see more visit

Nameless but Famous Brands - also known as Young, fabulous, and broke designer Heide Cornell, a beautiful and very talented women, stepped on the fashion scene as a sales rep for Calvin Klein now she is running a multi-million dollar clothing line while raising her little girl.

www.beau-coup - Husband and Wife team started business after planning their own wedding. They now run one of the most successful internet one stop shop for all party planning. - Gene Montesano and Barry Perlman, two hippie and riends from college with their roots in rock and roll started this brand years after graduating and steadily unemployed.

Our fav NO NAME is: SAN-LORI Designs.
Andra Marbaise (San) and Lorraine Maxwell (Lori), friends from their college years, began with the premise that they could build a creative, thriving business and also have an active family life. (Have their Tiramisu and eat it too!) Their designs can be found on the internet and in Paperie's across America. To see their entire collection of baby, bridal, attachments and more visit or Check out their Invites w/Printed Envelopes by clicking here!

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Pamela Kramer said...

How funny! I didn't know about Cafe Mom but I did know about Heidi. That's only because she was on the Millionaire Matchmaker show.