Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bring back the art of letter writing! - Buy it now notecard sets

In the age of emails, text messages, and social networks I have come to the realization that letter writing and penpalling has become a lost artform!  When I was in high school…cough…15…cough…years ago I used to write notes to my boyfriend and friends all the time.  I also had penpals in several countries and even had a long distance relationship where I wrote at least a little something to my boyfriend everyday and at the end of the week I would send the letter and he did the same.  Before emails and where called India was COMPLETELY out of the question it was the only way we could stay in touch with each other and still feel connected! 

I hate that people have gotten so far away from writing that many people don’t even send formal invitations to birthday parties anymore…the just create an event on myspace, facebook, or some other network that they and their friends belong to.  Am I the only one that misses putting pen to paper and all the beautiful colors & styles of stationery…from simple lined paper to the fancy floral thing that you seal with a kiss?

So this is for you…lets revive this art and have fun doing it!  I decided tonight to start making up some notecard sets ready to buy right here on my blog!   Please check back as more sets will be added periodically…and also if you would like to request a set please make a comment!

These sets are available in either 10 or 25 quantities and with or without matching envelopes.  Please note in the text field if you would like them to be “Thank You” notes or have a personalization and if you purchase matching envelopes please give the return address.


Folded Cards

Capture Capture Capture
Peacock set 1
Breakfast at Tiffany's notecards
Argyle set 1
Capture Capture  
retro sunglasses
retro dots

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