Sunday, May 27, 2007


reporting on my NEW YORK STATIONARY SHOW experience and more

As I walked up and down the aisles I searched for new ribbon companies, inspiring prints, imprintable invitations, packaging, good design, and ideas. I found all of that and more at the show. As for ribbon I picked up my new catalogs from vendors I dealt with in the past but I did come across a new company called AMERICAN CRAFT - this is really a scrapbooking company but because the industry is booming they have branched out to form a ribbon company, as well. They offer the most variety of color and patterned grosgrain ribbon that I have ever seen and since they are working to keep up with growing industry there prices are more than fair, too!

I also came across beautiful invitation lines, as well. My two favorites where The Wedding Belle and Homer & Elizabeth. Both companies owned and operated by two young woman with incredible artistic insight that is just beaming through there quality and designs! These are two to watch...

My favorite and most inspiring moment of the show came as I passed a booth with the words TRULY MOM posted to them. The booth was jamming with interest from attendees and I wondered what this company was all about. As I listened on I found out that while the suffering from cancer a mom and her friends pulled together by forming this company. That woman, a two time cancer survivor, only wished to be able to write a list of to do's and to carry them out -- it was what she missed the most! As her friends helped her pass the time they set out to create a company based on this idea... and the daily planner for mom's was born. There sassy style and trendy ideas have unfolded to much more then daily planners. They now have a logo driven clothes line, totes, and a line of stationary, too! Their website is too cute and their company is being recognized by the industry leaders, buyers, and customers, alike! These four women are full of great ideas - check them out to learn more about the items they offer - as their line is ever growing and they also dedicate much of the proceeds to breast cancer awareness - how truly inspiring!

Till next years show,

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