Tuesday, September 9, 2008

FOIL - boutique business cards...tricks of the trade

I use foil for ALL my business cards because if you use foil in the right way there is NO WAY that your card will not get noticed. Just take a look at the pics and tell me that you would overlook these cards (if you say yes you would be lying).


It's A Jaime Thing said...

These business cards are GORGEOUS, woman! Did YOU make them?! Let me know - I am planning on featuring you again on my site later today, and would love to let my readers know where they can find these, hopefully from you! :) Also, are you able to create foil invitations? I'd love to hear - itsajaimething@yahoo.com if you'd like to email me about it. Check back to my site, you're feature should be up later today -

www.itsajaimething.com (I'm redesigning my site, that's the new site address, if you'd like a sneak peek...it will direct you to my current blog until the new one is officially up - I'll keep you posted!)


jen (craftylilmomma) said...

To answer Jaime's question...yes I did design these cards and had them printed at one of my print labs. I meant to post a pricelist but it spilled my mind but they start at around $50 for 250...not bad at all for the impact you get :)

Lemiga Events said...

I LOVE these and that price cannot be beat! I'm always looking for unique business cards and these are terrific!

jen (craftylilmomma) said...

Thank you so much! I'm very glad you like them. And I have been checking into it and YES I can do invitations with the foil although I have never done it before! Any takers? :)

jen (craftylilmomma) said...

By popular demand here are the prices for the foil cards :)

250 - $45
500 - $60
1000 - $75

b/w back is $10 more; color back is $15 more

Pricing doesn't include shipping


Kendra said...

That price is wonderful! I might consider you crafty lil' business cards when my stack of appointment cards runs out! :)

FeatherBunkle said...

Holy moly!! Fantastic price-GORGEOUS cards! I am very impressed!!

Syed said...

Your business cards design looking so nice. But there are so many companies used without full color business cards...
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Haseeb said...

I mast say that your card is so gorgeous.

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Dina Morra said...

Hi are these still available to be made? I'm looking to make 2000 + business cards.