Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sorry it's been so long...

My computer crashed on my birthday of all days and I have been without it for 2 solid weeks! I just got it back today but I lost the harddrive...Thank God for a portable drive I have! But I still lost a lot of clipart and such...oh well...could be worse. I am busy trying to get caught up on my work and get back on my feet. I will blog later this week after I get my stuff together!

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It's A Jaime Thing said...

Oh my gosh, happy belated birthday, Jen!!! I wish I would have known about it, I would have sent you LOTS of happy birthday wishes a lot earlier...lol. I hope it was fabulous. :) Sorry to hear about your poor computer crashing...that happened to me last year, it's horrible! Luckily I got a new one for Christmas, otherwise I might not be blogging as we speak...lol. Anyhow, glad you're back up.

-Jaime :)