Monday, January 26, 2009

My Superhero, My Son!

My son loves Batman. He has all the episodes, movies, houses, figures, t-shirts. His favorite is Batman vs. Dracula. I know, but these two really do get together and duke it out in the new episodes. I guess they are running out of bad guys! I'm not as big of a fan but when I saw this room from Pottery Barn Kids - I immediately thought he would love it and I could live with it too!

The inspiration room from Pottery Barn Kids.

View In Room

The affordable room from JCPenney.
I'm still choosing between the Bradley and Ethan Collections. Each are comparable to the pottery room shown above yet they are significantly less money and will do just fine.

Bradley Kids Bedroom

The actual room in my house:

Not quite finished but thought I would share.

The scene is easy to duplicate but if you rather not sells a mural that you can easily apply but it's costly.

If you choose to do it yourself here's some tips:
  • First sketch out the cityscape on a piece of paper so you can use it as a guideline.
  • Then use a level to make the lines straight when drawing it on the wall.
  • Color it in using CHALKBOARD paint leaving the edges undone.
  • It will need two coats but 1 gallon of paint is more than enough.
  • Then go in with an artist brush and try your hardest to get a straight line going across and down. If you keep it simple you don't need much talent, just patience and lots of it.
  • The lines don't have to be completely straight - it adds character if there not!
  • Then get some Batman or Spiderman decals and chalkboard wallies in the form of airplanes and clouds and you have your very own Gotham city mural.
  • If you don't overdue the bedding you will have a room that is fun and tolerable and not over the top. I love the contrast of blue and black. I think it's mature enough to carry over for years to come, but young enough to enjoy for now.

I know my son can't wait to have it finished so he can masquerade around as Batman pretending his sister is the evil Cat woman and the baby is robin. There's nothing like creating a room that inspires imaginative play. Thank you to the designers at Pottery Barn Kids for such a great idea.

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