Sunday, January 25, 2009

I mentioned that Nordstrom has a good return policy, right?

I was excited and filled with anticipation and I should have known better. I did it. I sealed my own fate and spent the night eating ice-cream sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies just like I said I would. That's right... Home... On the couch while my friends all got together and drank it up. I've already seen the pictures posted to facebook. Everyone had a great time. Dressed to the nines. Smiling. Dancing. While in a cruel twist of fate Christina decided to be your average 22 year old and completely make other plans while I was still deciding if running into my maid of honor was the smartest thing to do. Thanks Christina! But if you read my post - I said if this happened I wouldn't be mad - I didn't say I wouldn't cry and not talk to her for a couple of months, I just said I wouldn't be mad and I'm not mad. Disappointed, maybe! In perspective - I've had my fun - and now I look to my kids, my husband, and my ideas for joy. I don't need loud music and a few drinks to make me happy. Yes, I'm returning the outfit!

But this has me thinking... who else is reading the blog... the gods of scripture.... and how come they don't grant me all the other things I whine about. So if the universe happens to catch this post, seeing there was no problem taking my last one verbatim, here's my list of things I would like fulfilled.

1. My dining room completed. That means a window seat cushion in a ballad print (shown on right) so I can sit and gaze at the sky without my butt hurting. The room needs to be painted Watery by Sherman Williams. (My husband thinks we need it done by a professional since it's such a focal point to the room; otherwise, I would have gladly gotten to it by now). I would like to wallpaper behind my hutch in this beautiful damask print by Waverly shown on left. I need a couple of accent chairs and some friends to come have tea with me.

2. My very own boutique for all things party related... stationary, favors, invitations, supplies, rentals, flowers. I want it clean and fresh and inspiring and most of all welcoming. I would have my kids spend hours coloring, designing, and helping me plan other peoples joyous occasions. It would be white on white with crystal chandeliers, peppered with pinks and blues, and have tables filled with party decor. Just like in these pics. Of course, Jen would be the premier designer and all my blogin' mama's would get a space to showcase their work, too. It would be a dream! Then I wake up and realize that I live in New York and it would be a very costly dream. I do have to say that Jen and I have a slice of that pie at

3. less 5 pounds: with my luck I'll probably gain 10 just for asking.

4. Smile more: Sometimes I catch myself being so caught up in life that I forget to smile.

5. Curse less: I'm a New Yorker born and raised, what do you expect!

6. Spend one day out of the month with my husband doing something other than food shopping, picking up kids, fighting, cleaning, planning, doing bills, laundry, and wiping asses. Which was supposed to be Saturday night for me but who's taking note.

Well here's to the pictures I didn't make it in...Thanks Christina!

and the pictures I did make it in...
I wasn't pouting but James was when he thought I was leaving him
happily tucked in after ice-cream and baths

The only smiles that matter are on these little faces.
I hope everyone had a great weekend even if it didn't turn out as expected!

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Jesse P Luna said...

You wish list looks like my wife's! She has clips from several Oprah homes. Yeah, uh, I'm working on it. :)

By the way, I'm tagging your blog. Hopefully that will bring wonderful folks to come and visit and new adventures. If you care to play along, you can visit my "tagged" post (end of it) here: Hope all your wishes come true!