Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday's Trend: Scalloped Edges

No matter the event look for fun effects ranging from formal to playful because scalloped edges, if done right, can be versatile and beautiful!

If you couple scalloped edges with the color purple you instantly think SPRING ~It has warm and fuzzy written all over it! The invitations shown below are perfect for baby showers, bridal showers, and a host of other functions. The last one, I believe, is formal enough to be used as a Christening or wedding invite, as well. All the invitations can be found at

If creating your own invitation here is a FYI for your DYI project.

To get the Scalloped Edges you need the Ticket Corner Punch:

Crayons_and_scallop_edge_tutorial_5 Flip it over and carefully take the corner guard off of it. (If you take one side off at a time instead of stretching it to take off the whole thing at once you should be good just be careful - those things break easily!)

Crayons_and_scallop_edge_tutorial_6 Line the punch up along the CS (this works easiest if you hold the punch upside down so you can see where you are punching) and punch away!


Inspiration & Ideas come in all shapes and sizes.

In the home, maybe?

Linens, definetly.


especially if you go with embroided linens for a vintage touch.

Fashion, of course!

I just LOVE the combination of EYELET and SCALLOPED EDGES -

so girly, so classy, so spring ~ gotta have it! - Tracy Reese:...

Scalloped edges has been a friend to paper especially scrapbooking since it all began. It gives dimension and adds emphasis. It does for paper what a quotation mark does for a sentence!
scapbook card found at geekgirls random rambilings
Check her out she has a great blog about scrapbooking and stamping.


and for all things scalloped visit none other than


Cherishing Mommy said...

What a fun and informative post!! I love the dresses.

Christina said...

Great post! I too adore the dresses! Fun!