Monday, February 9, 2009

Be Apart of our SPREAD THE LOVE! initiative

is a program that I would like to introduce to our readers just in time for Valentine's day!
The program asks nothing but for you to donate any used, but in good condition, articles of children's clothing, toys, books, games, coats and pass it on to the family under you!
This project is in the infant stages, no pun intended, so any good instruction is greatly appreciated!

How it works:

1. I need to know the age of the child who's things you will be passing on. In doing so I will establish a tree and be able to give you the information of a family that is right underneath you in terms of age. This will be the family you sponsor! There will be times that when someone new joins that you will adopt a new family but that just makes it even more special. In doing so you will be providing a child with the love and care that your child received through their warm clothes, coats, toys, games, and books. Our government wants us to spread the wealth but I'd rather spread the love, hence the name!

2.Then I will need a shipping address. Jen and I will put you in contact with the family and you will be responsible for establishing a line of communication and for shipping your items to that family. Please no fragile items, nothing you would ever want back, and nothing with holes, stains, rips, or tears. Please use your discretion and only pass on the good stuff. That's right. I mean no crap! Every month you will send a package and every month you will receive a package, as well, so no loss is accrued! Times are hard and I imagine they will get harder but as a team we can make sure that no family does with out.

3. If you no longer wish to participate then I will need an honor system so that the family under you doesn't go without. It will take a little on your part should you wish to participate, so only serious participants need join, but the rewards can be great if we really stick to it. All participants need to follow this blog so we can keep track of its progress. Please contact us with your information should you wish to join at

Much Gratitude,
Jen & Jodie

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