Tuesday, February 10, 2009


…at least according to Sarah Prout’s (@sarahprout) new ebook!  Sarah messaged me earlier today to tell me the great news!  I am truly honored!  Take a look… (excerpt from Sarah Prout’s website)

In less than 12 months I have created an online publishing empire on a shoestring budget. I feel it's my duty to share this information with people that are wanting to create a strong online presence without having to spend a single dollar on advertising. I currently get hundreds of clicks per day to my main site, blog & product pages without spending any money. Are you curious how I do it?

I am a non-tech savvy girl that has basic HTML skills & so I created an eBook that will share all of the resources that I have utilized to flood traffic to my website, build an online brand & get known as a 'social networking guru'.

'SECRETS OF AN ONLINE EMPRESS' includes the following sections:

1. SET CLEAR INTENTIONS (design & design your ideal lifestyle)

2. CREATE A SOLID FOUNDATION (web sites, blog, domain names, list building ideas)

3. BUILD YOUR BRAND (style,graphic insight,messages)

4. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (eBooks,information products,merchandise)

5. MONETIZING YOUR SITE (sales, sales, sales)

6. CREATIVE MARKETING (ideas that will blow your mind!)

7. PR MASTERMIND (gettting the word out for FREE!)


This ebook has been designed for the 'technically challenged' individual that wants to make money online or already has a business & wants to boost sales with unique ideas.

    FREE 'TWITTER INSPIRATION' mini-book features amazing resources to enhance your experiences with this awe-inspiring social networking platform. PLUS! 'THE TOP 111 BUSINESSWOMEN TO FOLLOW ON TWITTER' - a carefully compiled list of inspirational businesswomen to watch & learn from. Be inspired...

    This product was featured on LA TALK RADIO with Sandy Grason!

    It's been carefully compiled to offer an inspiring range of online resources to build, grow & expand your internet business horizons no matter what your stage of development.


    Please go to http://secretsofanonlineempress.com/ to purchase a copy of these ebooks.  And please follow me on twitter @craftylilmomma


    Bama Belle said...

    rock on girl!! we are proud of you!

    RazzberryMomma said...

    Wow! Congrats girl! You must be thrilled! What an honor! Good for you! Keep it up!